Childhood Development, Speaking Engagements, Technology, Time Management, Video Games

“Programming” Healthy Minds in Digital Age – Rancho Christian Schools Chapel Dec 2013

Presented by Julie Doan RN and Andrew Doan MD PhD

Childhood Development, Speaking Engagements, Technology, Time Management, Video Games

What is technology doing to your kids’ brains? Covenant Day School – Matthews NC Nov 2013

Melanie Hempe RN, Dawn Poulterer MA and Andrew Doan MD PhD present in Matthews NC.

Childhood Development, Speaking Engagements, Video Games

Dr. Doan’s Presentation to Christian Ophthalmology Society

Here is Dr. Doan’s story about addiction and recovery at the Christian Ophthalmology Society. Please partner with us by getting us into your communities, church, and schools as a speaker to help spread the word about the dangerous of gaming and technology addiction in our families. God Bless you, Andrew Doan, MD PhD

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Stick to Game Ratings!

The Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) ratings are designed to provide concise and impartial information about the content in computer and video games so consumers, especially parents, can make an informed purchase decision. ESRB ratings have two equal parts: rating symbols suggest age appropriateness for the game and content descriptors indicate elements in a game that may have triggered […]

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Using gaming as a reward

Mom mistake # 3. Using gaming as a reward system. This is perhaps one of the most innocent mistakes; after all it seems so logical. “Do your homework for 30 minutes, then you can play your game.” Seems like a good idea right? It may be time to challenge your reward system. As a mom, you […]

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Gaming Is The New Digital Drug

There are POSITIVES and NEGATIVES to gaming. Like medications, moderate use is best. Overuse leads to toxicity. Dr. Doan and Melanie discuss this topic.