Childhood Development, Internet Gaming Disorder & Addiction

Partner with Real Battle to Educate Kids and Families

We are raising funds to educate kids and families about the bad effects of excessive digital media use and healthy solutions to counter this problem. See our fundraising campaign here:   Money raised will be used to distribute the following printed infographic to increase awareness and educate kids:   You will improve the […]

Childhood Development, Internet Gaming Disorder & Addiction, Technology

Reduce Digital Media Addiction with Pet Therapy

A furry puppy or a soft kitten: can pet therapy help combat the modern day effects of technology addiction? The tech culture has completely permeated how we live life today and it’s integrated in how our children learn and process information. Our kids are being exposed to technology at young ages and if overused, their […]

Childhood Development, Technology, Video Games

Speech delay and autistic symptoms are reduced when digital media is removed

Speech therapists and autism interventionists are discovering that removal of digital media from young children with speech delay or autistic symptoms changes their developmental trajectory. Bottom line up front is that digital media exposure too early in kids damages language development and may even cause autistic symptoms.

Childhood Development

Kids love screens because of novelty

The human brain is wired to seek novelty, every 4 to 6 seconds. Too much digital media will prevent other areas of the brain to develop, such as writing skills, verbal skills, reading skills, empathy, and many other higher executive functions.

Childhood Development, Internet Gaming Disorder & Addiction, Video Games

Bad Company Corrupts Good Character

Allow kids to play age appropriate video games! If you’re a parent and enjoy violent games, play on “your time”… not theirs!

Childhood Development, Internet Gaming Disorder & Addiction, Time Management

Internet Gaming Disorder and Addiction Will Be Epidemic

This is how I see it at the 30,000 feet view. First, watch this short 4:50 min video on brain development in children: I was addicted to digital games as an adult in my 20’s, AFTER my brain was programmed for fundamental skills such as: creativity, self-control, communication skills, empathy, reflective thought, and other higher […]

Childhood Development, Technology, Video Games

Does your child pick candy over veggies?! Beware giving them digital devices too early.

Cris Rowan, Pediatric Occupational Therapist, published an article titled: “Ten reasons why handheld devices should be banned for children under the age of 12” She received a lot of push-back. Here is my response: The problem lies in children who cannot make wise decisions due to the fact that their frontal lobes are not […]

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Kids’ Brains, Video Games, & Brain Development Talk at Coronado SAFE (Student And Family Enrichment)

Presented by Andrew Doan MD PhD